A Personal Experience With LASIK

People all over the world are always talking about the good and bad about LASIK surgery and its sometimes hard to know what a fact is, or fiction on the subject. In a recent article, news reporter Sarah Bloom talks about her recent experience with saying good bye to her glasses and contacts and stepping into the clearer world of LASIK. She describes her journey of when she finally decided that it was time for LASIK. Her story continues with how her first appointment had went and what happened after the procedure was over with answers to many questions that many other patients are wondering during those steps through the procedure. To finalize there is a FAQ section of common questions such as costs, her feelings during the surgery, how to know if LASIK is a right fit, ect. Sarah summarized that she felt it was the right choice and can’t wait for her life with better vision. Each person may have different experiences and it is always best to consult with a LASIK surgeon to be sure that LASIK will be the best option for you as well.

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