Precision LASIK Surgery with Biomechanical Analysis

Laser eye surgery has been a procedure that thousands of patients have undergone for the last 25 years to improve their vision. As with most cutting-edge technologies, laser eye surgery continues to make breakthroughs within the field of ophthalmology. According to this article, Dr. Dupps, who is a professor of ophthalmology at Cole Eye Institute, believes there is a precision gap in refractive surgery planning. He points out the fact that refractive surgery such as LASIK, PRK, SMILE, and others are all currently retrospective, which is based on historical outcomes as opposed to having a treatment plan personally customized with a patient’s individualized data. Using clinical lab studies, Dr. Dupps and Abhijit Sinha Roy, Ph.D., have determined that biomechanical assessment is imperative for better detecting the risk of ectasia and increasing the efforts to personalize refractive treatments. Their studies have also been able to show individual variations in corneal stiffness affected during LASIK.

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