Americans Avoiding Eye Care More Frequently in The Digital World

New research has been collected and studies are showing that one in every six Americans hasn’t had their eyes tested in over a five-year period. Reasons for the eyecare neglect can vary from almost half saying they are not currently experiencing any eye problems, or others saying they do not have the proper insurance coverage for vision in order to be seen by a doctor. Not only does the majority population in this country avoid eye care maintenance in general, but the growth in the use of digital devices continues to grow vastly, which is impacting a person’s eyes negatively more and more. Screens are all around us in our day-to-day functions while either working off computers or also in personal use with smartphones. The study recently has been done shows, on average, a standard user will spend approximately 10 hours staring at a screen a day. All this screen life is bound to have negative effects on our eyes and unfortunately many are not taking the care they need to prevent issues from arising with their eyes. To read more on this current research and more eye-opening statistics, you can read this article, Proper vision care is a must in today’s world and knowing where to find the right help is important as well.

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