Cataract Surgery For Wild Snow Leopard

A brighter future insight for an 11-year-old snow leopard named Linghan after successfully undergoing cataract surgery. The procedure took place ion Xining, which is the capital of northwest China’s Quinghai Province. The wild animal was found by an ecological patroller earlier this year and was in rough shape with low weight and after examination also eye impairments due to corneal perforation in the left eye and a cataract in his right. Surgery was the best solution for his vision, but he needed his physical strength improved first, so after 10 months of recovery he was finally ready. To read more on his surgery, read here. This surgery has significance in the fact that not only will it benefit this individual animal for the rest of his life, but it also opens the possibility for other future wildlife that too can benefit to regain their eyesight.

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