Getting Answers To Top Questions in LASIK

All surgeries leave patients with a million questions they are often too scared or embarrassed to ask.  This occurs all to often in LASIK as well.  Dr. Rohr never wants a patient to feel unable to ask questions and is always available to provide further insight before laser treatment begins.  Doing a bit of pre-emptive research is always a good idea but if it leaves you with more questions than answers it is important you talk to your Lasik surgeon. 

The most common questions in LASIK surround the amount of pain a patient will feel.  Although laser vision correction surgery is not painful, it is often described as uncomfortable.  Anesthetic drops are added to the eye before surgery begins but patients are awake.  Pressure vs pain is often described when patients are asked what they felt while undergoing the procedure.  Out of a 15-minute surgery, the laser is actually only used for about 60 seconds per eye.  Pretty amazing when you consider that this surgery often leaves individuals who were tied to glasses and contacts able to see with out any aides. 

This article from the Baltimore Post -Examiner on Lasik surgery is another great reference when it comes to getting answers on the most common questions related to Lasik.  It is important that our patients always feel comfortable seeking out advice and answers throughout their treatment from our professional staff members.  Never hesitate to call our office at 877.579.0202 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the LASIK procedure.

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